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Julie Bartlett inspires purpose-driven success in others.  As a trusted image advisor Julie combines her extraordinary range of talents to evaluate, educate and motivate those going through a life or career transition or wanting to brand themselves well. 

Whether she is coaching individuals who are seeking their own personal style, pursuing a new job, going from divorce to dating, losing weight, or creating a strong business brand Ms. Bartlett first helps others identify the person they truly are and want to be. Then, she customizes a “What’s Next” strategy—-to dress for success, interview effectively, attract the right mate or business client, or experience healthy living.   

She is founder and CEO of Colour IQ, a Dallas, Texas-based company that teaches individuals and groups how to use colour, proportion and style to dress well so they can more easily attract and engage the business opportunities and personal relationships they desire.  

The Austin, Texas native began a career in image coaching in 1991 after working in home décor. She discovered that she both enjoyed and was good at shopping for friends, and took up courses in colour and style analysis.  Later she became a makeup artist with the Chanel Blitz event team and was a commercial model in the New York tri-state area. As her career progressed, Ms. Bartlett realized that she loved teaching, so after returning to her home state, she opened a runway modeling agency and photography studio to coach teenage girls and guys in Dallas. 

She is a graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and earned a BA in Organizational Communications— training that serves her well as a public speaker.

Looking fabulous is relatively easy in a world with so many clothing and skin care options but feeling fabulous requires an internal focus.  Ms Bartlett isn’t limited to fashion trends as she also has worked in the field of Neurofeedback to help her clients experience the freedom from ADD, ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety.  As a Certified Dream Coach with Marcia Wieder, Julie has created programs that inspire action toward creating the life her clients have only dreamed of living.

Today, Ms. Bartlett continues to help men and women discover how to create simplicity, order, vision and passion in their style and lives. Her motto for success:  “Be Fabulous Always.”

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