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colour analysis

Reward yourself with a wardrobe that helps you dress authentic every day.

  • discover the colours which complement your skin tone and give you a vibrant glow
  • learn the Language of Colour
  • create a well-coordinated wardrobe with your colour swatches

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the perfect hairstyle for you

You deserve a hair style and colour that complement who you are today.

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Mini Miracle

Create a consistent sense of  style that makes it easy to get dressed each morning and feel good about knowing you really can look that good in this short program.

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Fabulous You

Everyone you meet should get a sense of who you are in every garment you wear as you now have a greater sense of who you are – in business, during an interview, and at play.

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private makeup session

A private professional makeup artistry session to update your technique, colour, and products for daily use or video/photo shoots.

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My Private Stylist

This virtual styling resource provides garment suggestions based on your personal style and measurements.  Knowing what to buy before you leave your home or office makes shopping easier and more rewarding.